MIAC allows you to integrate with the programs and applications that work for you, at an affordable price.

MIAC not only integrates software systems. It can also automate and integrate system tasks in our built-in action-based workflow platform to includes your personnel, external clients and even external client systems.

We can guide you through the possibilities and consult with your other software providers to get the best outcome for your business.

MIAC makes integration affordable and possible for SME’s and will increase your productivity and profit. Workflow Guaranteed

MIAC ensures that every element of your contract or job meets your expected targets, in real-time. It makes staff communications interactive and records every action and communication within a task or interlinked tasks.

MIAC can collect signatures for extra work requests to ensure you will never be caught short.

Escalation and notification alerts are delivered via email, TXT and PushNote. You can receive critical information as it occurs allowing for immediate response and enhanced management capability.

Analysing and interpreting ‘BIG DATA’ is now a very common problem that is accelerating daily. Handling or monitoring big data is expensive and it can waste significant resources just to monitor and analyse.

MIAC lets you choose what BIG DATA is relevant to your business and allows you to create actions to control and manage those micro views of relevant data. Communications between systems, people, alarms etc are recorded with valuable information so you can clearly see the what has happened during a workflow. This allows seamless continuity of the workflow and allows you to pinpoint critical data points within any process quickly and effectively so that all other data can flow without consequence or cost.

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