Mobile Task Management

Mobile Task Management

By using the MIAC platform for your mobile task management and integration solution we give you the ability to operate systems remotely even if they do not support a mobile application. By creating forms, from the ‘MIAC form builder’, within your system and deploying them as a task or actionable element of a workflow to your field personnel can interact and populate an integrated software platform from the field. There are options to allow approvals from the office prior to integration as a step in the workflow or just integrate the data directly.

With notification, approval and escalation elements that can be placed on any action or task across all connected platforms (software, alarms, personnel) etc you ensure that your targets are being met. You can become proactive in management and not reactive. You can easily and cost effectively audit existing processes and refine them so they are the most productive they can be.

Where process failures are continually evident within any given procedure MIAC alerts you to the exact point of failure where decisions can be made quickly and accurately to rectify problem areas of the business. This may include personnel performance, software downtime, supply deadlines, component performance or any number of circumstances.

MIAC will allow you to control both your workforce and your systems with ease and transparency increasing both your productivity and your profit.

MIAC allows its clients to add integration at their own pace on a platform designed for the small to medium business owner.

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Mobile Task Management
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