Record task information on the fly and maintain comprehensive audit trails for all tasks between personnel and software. This includes automated and physical tasks in the field and in the office. MIAC allows field staff to interact with your office systems including ordering systems, time sheets, management systems, CRM and more. Your integration is only limited by your imagination.

Contract work is common in many industries. It has the same advantages and drawbacks in every sector. Variations, extras and time delays are the largest risk areas when claiming payment. Relieve the stress of accumulating extra costs by allowing your field staff to record every aspect of the job, including accurate time recording, collecting signatures and authorisations from employees and employers to ensure prompt,accurate, risk and dispute-free payment.

MIAC allows any business to replicate existing processes across a wide variety of platforms to allow a complete end-to-end workflow within a single task. By including time bar features for each action required in a workflow we can escalate notifications to workers and management to ensure targets are met and profit is protected.

New or refined processes can be established, tested and run in parallel with existing processes. This means you can introduce new and more refined processes with confidence. You can test and implement new software solutions with ease and clarity before you make the decision to ‘flick the switch’ and make the change. Example: You want to move your business to a new cloud service from an existing outdated software solution on premises. Set the old system up within the MIAC system to carry on its active duty while testing other systems on the side. Direct information to both systems and verify the new system meets your requirements. Once you make the decision to go live with a new system run the old system as a backup for a period of time before you make the critical switch.

MIAC records all actions and communications between both personnel and software. Actions are set out in a logical workflow of actions and integrations. Assign personnel to projects, tasks and actionable elements of a workflow. Set security where personnel only see what you want them to see. Example: A field worker on site will only see tasks and task communications they are assigned to. They do not have access to any information which is not relevant to them.

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