Simple To Use

Simple To Use

Mirror your existing workflow processes or take the opportunity to audit and refine your processes to release productivity.

You can connect to your system with the MIAC mobile app. The App looks and functions just like the web portal so you don’t need to learn separate interfaces. Login with a common username and password to either web or mobile app. Take photos to enrich your communications and mark them up with drawings to make sure important aspects are not missed.

Business Information Processing need not take time away from your valuable management time. Manual data entry is double handling and is not productive.

MIAC delivers you the ability to discover the world of integration,how it will drive your future productivity and lets you compete with the big boys. By minimising your administration overhead your staff are freed from mundane repetitive work allowing them to flourish and contribute to your business in a positive and productive way.

By creating continuity and allowing decisions to be made by the correct people quickly and efficiently your staff will feel empowered and be better supported by the management team. By freeing the management team from useless paperwork and delivering clear and concise information to them from site and remote workers they will be better armed to make and distribute informed, timely management decisions. Your management will become proactive and focussed on driving productivity and profit.

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